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Along The Lines of Development We Discover What We Really Are

12 OC Developments
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This is a relaxed fanfiction community specifically designed to show the character development of your original characters. It helps people understand your character a bit better and just gives more information about them then we might have gotten from fanfiction or their biographies.

This is a community for original characters, including those from RPGs, so no fanon characters are allowed to be claimed.
2. No flaming, these people work hard to make their own characters up so be respectful.
3. All post with adult content must be clearly marked for adult content (R or NC-17)
4. Standard movie ratings will be used here, so please make sure to use G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17, as they are more commonly understood.
5. All fics must be put under an lj-cut or a fake lj-cut, this makes the page easier to read and keeps the community neat.
6. This must be your own OC, do not use someone elses OC unless they have given you premission to use them, and state the original owners name as well.
7. Make sure you start all your posts with this header:

Author's Notes:

How To Make A Claim:
Join the community.
2. Go to the claims post an state the name of your OC, which fandom they belong to, and, if possible, a picture or a picture of a real person who resembles them (If a real person, state their name), and a link to their biography please :)
3. Go write! Have fun. Take as long as you want, and when you finish, or if you decide to drop the claim, tell us here.

Author: yournamehere
Fandom: (insert fandom here)
Character: (insert character name here)
1. Mother
2. Father
3. Siblings
4. Best Friend
5. Kindergarten
6. Middle School
7. High School
8. College
9. Spouse/Significant Other
10. First Crush
11. First Kiss
12. First Job
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